Help put Socialists candidates on the ballot!

Send Socialist delegates who pledge to vote for Joe Biden to the August Convention.

Click here to verify your eligibility to pledge your signature for the Biden slate at the DNC convention in August 2024.

Social Democrats of America is looking for Socialists to pledge their signatures to get Joe Biden and a slate of Socialist delegates to Chicago. We'll email you a real petition like this sample petition.

Click here to verify your eligibility to run for the Bronx, Queens or Kings (Brooklyn) County Committee governance board in June 2024 or as a Biden delegate for the DNC convention in April 2024.

Watch this 26 minutes documentary that explains what it means to be part of the governance of the County Democratic party. Click here to watch the whole documentary. (Press the PLAY button and enter the password (all in uppercase) QCC4ALL to access the documentary.)

Rep My Block is provided Free of Charge to any candidate that wishes to integrate its services.